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Changes are coming!

12 Feb

Seize the Cupcake is currently in state of transition… so the cupcake of the month is currently on hiatus for this month.



3 Feb

Little Cotton Rabbits has a cute cupcake decoration in her free patterns section- check it out!

Cupcake Decoration

Looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day present?

3 Feb

Check out these cupcake related etsy finds!

Looking for some adorable cupcake Valentine’s Day cards?
Sweet Valentine's Day Cards

Or maybe you’re just looking for some stickers to make your cards or presents more personal?
Valentine's Stickers
I can’t think of anything cuter to be called on Valentine’s Day than My Little Cupcake.

Does someone you love love to bake cupcakes?
Sailboat Cupcake Liners
These cupcake wrappers are completely adorable… and the seller does custom wrappers, just ask!

If you’re looking for jewelry this Valentine’s day, it can still be cupcake-themed! These cupcake earrings are subtle and gorgeous!
Cupcake Earrings

A little less subtle, but no less cute…
Baking Keychain
This whisk and baking pan necklace would be perfect for any baker- professionals and hobbyists alike!

Imagine Childhood is holding a giveaway: $75 dollar gift certificate to their store!
If you`re shopping for children or those young at heart this Valentine`s Day, this would be a great place to start, whether you win the gift certificate or not! Enter here!

Happy New Year from Seize the Cupcake!

1 Jan

Since the New Year is one of those times when people make resolutions, us folks at Seize the Cupcake have decided some resolutions are in order for this silly little blog.

1. We will not forget about this blog for weeks (and weeks!) at a time.

2. We will make more time to bake.
(Oh, how easy it is to get caught up in life. In school and work, coffee with friends, running errands, and making plans for the future. But despite this, it is so important to make time for what you love. Especially something that relaxes us as much as baking does, and brings so much yumminess to those around us, as well as ourselves.)

So, to incorporate both of these resolutions together… the uber-resolution.

Every month for the rest of this year Becca and I will highlight a special cupcake. This cupcake recipe will focus on a theme of the month and the cupcakes will be decorated appropriately. Vague as it sounds, there are lots of ideas in the air and we’re quite excited about this new project.

And as a last little tidbit: January’s theme will be WINTER.

Cupcake Cups!

28 Dec

Cupcake Cups!

Look what someone got for Christmas from Iced Fancies.

The long anticipated BAKERELLA post!

26 Dec

One highlight of our trip to New York was the crazy coincidence that Angie Dudley, known better as BAKERELLA of the cakepops fame, was going to be at Williams-Sonoma for her Cakepop booksigning!


It was a wonderful experience. We ended up getting there half an hour early and the line was already quite long. As a result of that we didn’t get to hear much of her lovely demonstration or question and answer period, but everyone seemed charmed by her.

We did get a special treat though- meeting Angie’s MOM. Holy, is she adorable. She couldn’t stop talking about how proud she was of Angie, how talented she was, and how much she wanted to be like her. I guess she thought we were adorable too, since she said we were “too cute!” and bopped me on the head. My favourite part of talking to her was when she was talking about how much Angie loves her fans. Not a direct quote, but she said something along the lines of this being “love going back and forth and back and forth”. From the fans to Angie and back again. It was so true. Everything there was so excited to see her.

Angie herself, wow. She’s just so sweet in person, it just oozes out of her. Perfectly lovely! I only wish we had been able to hear her demonstation, but just talking to her made it worth it. You can tell she just ADORES her fans. I’m so glad she is getting so much attention and her site is so popular, she deserves every little bit of it.

(I love Becca’s face in this one… “OMG WE’RE REALLY MEETING BAKERELLA!!!)

P.S. I have learned since getting Angie’s book and finally making cakepops (Reindeer cakepops, nonetheless!) that they are tricker than one would think!

Happy Holidays, Cupcakers!

24 Dec

Sugar Cookies

I love making Christmas cookies. I love the mixing and the rolling, cutting out shapes and the crazy decorating.

Sugar Cookies

(If anyone is doing some last minute Christmas baking and is in need of some new recipes- NY Times has Readers’ Holiday Cookie Recipes that look really delicious! I’m dying to try the Linzer Augen and Russian Snowball cookies. I might have to do some after-Christmas baking!)