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Traceycakes Bakery Cafe!

12 Feb

The other night I had a mini cupcake from Traceycakes in White Rock, BC. I’ve got to get down there and try some more because it was delicious!

After some detective work from their online menu (which is quite large, I must say!) I’ve decided it must have been their Hedgehog cupcake, because that was my first thought when tasting it. The hazelnut filling tasted just like a Purdy’s hedgehog. Perfect!


Ooh La La Cupcakes

14 Aug

Ooh La La Cupcakes Brochure

My sister and I were in Sidney, B.C. visiting our dear grandparents when we came upon Ooh La La Cupcakes (great name!) at the Market. I, for one, adore markets and Ooh La La cupcakes had a cute little stand there. They have two locations, one in Sidney and one in Victoria, but I cannot comment on the atmosphere of the shops themselves not having been there. I can say that their stand was set up nicely and the staff seemed friendly, albeit quite busy.

Ooh La La Cupcakes Brochure

My sister and I sampled two flavours of mini cupcakes. The “Kiss Me (I’m Irish)”, chocolate cake with creme de menthe buttercream icing and “Nuttin Butter” chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. Both were definitely enjoyable, but I would actually say they were almost too rich (and this is coming from a girl with a major sweet tooth!).

Ooh La La Cupcakes and my sister.

In comparison to Cupcakes by Heather and Lori’s mint chocolate cupcake (what is with me and mint!?), I would have to go with Heather and Lori’s. “Kiss Me (I’m Irish)” just wasn’t minty enough for me. Sure looked good though!


Overall, I would recommend others to check out Ooh La La Cupcakes for themselves. It’s sure to be tasty!

Original Cupcakes by Heather and Lori

1 Aug

While at the Celebration of Lights I decided to do a little cupcake tasting at Cupcakes on Denman Street at English Bay. Honestly, I love their cute little show, Cupcake Girls. I watch it whenever I see it’s on and have a little time (I consider it a lesson in my running-a-bakery education, same with DC Cupcakes and basically anything baking related). Plus, they’re two best friends from BC and their business was started up right here in Vancouver, so it is doubly close to home and special. I really, really wanted to love these cupcakes.

And for the most part, I did.

The mint chocolate chip cupcakes (mint condition) were excellent (I should know, I ate three minis!) The cupcakes were moist and the icing was perfectly minty.

The chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream (diva) were my absolute favourites. The icing was so delicious I wished all these cupcakes were the same flavour.

According to my dear friend Tara tasted the chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and said it was very good as well.

We also got a few of this apparent mystery flavour (bottom left in the picture) which I couldn’t find on their cupcake flavour chart exactly. It seemed to be a chocolate cupcake with caramel icing and a dollop of caramel on the top. Not exactly their carmella cupcake that’s supposed to have pralines, but close. According to Becca, and our two test-tasting helpers, Tara and Sonia, they were pretty. Not amazing, but definitely passable.

Lastly, we got to taste their red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. Unfortunately, I took one bite of this cupcake and wanted to toss my cookies. It tasted AWFUL, especially the icing. Thinking maybe my taste buds had fallen off, I demanded Tara try the cupcake. The look on her face confimed what I had originally thought. So we both demanded my sister try the cupcake as well. I think the fact that the three of us couldn’t devour just one mini cupcake stands alone. Becca also tried it, and was as grossed out by how it tasted as the rest of us.

To look at their flavour choices, see here.

Overall, I enjoyed the cupcakes (minus the horrid red velvet disaster). The rest of them were very pleasant and I look forward to checking out their other cupcake locations. Maybe the baker who was making the red velvet cupcakes and icing was having a bad day. Maybe it was a one time thing. Or maybe not. But I’m willing to try them again another day.

Oh, one last thing. They have great atmosphere. I didn’t get a picture, but they have an Alice and Wonderland theme going on in their store windows. Perfectly suits their store and cupcakes- “Eat me!”