Martha Stewart Makes Cookies App for Iphone and Ipad Review

14 Feb

If you are an avid baker and an Iphone or Ipad user you have probably heard of Martha Stewart’s new app designed for use on these two devices. The app is all about cookies and is designed by Ms. Stewart herself. I have had this app for about a week now and have gotten used to all its cool features. There is a shopping list section that allows you to type in any ingredients you may need for your next baking adventure, there is also a timer that you can set on the app itself (just in case your oven doesn’t have one).
The best part of the app is the over 75 cookie recipes (more are added regularly) that are available right at your fingertips (you can even favourite the recipes and come back to them later). Martha even includes a videos section that features Martha herself and food editor Sarah Carey making some of the recipes.
There are a few downsides to the app, it is a paid app which always puts a bit of a damper on things but it does have a good amount of recipes that makes up for the price tag and it is on a special sale for Valentine’s Day, $0.99 for the Iphone and $2.99 for the Ipad. The only other downside that I can foresee is that it may not be ideal to use the recipes in the kitchen. Iphone’s and Ipad’s are touch screen devices and it might be hard to scroll through the recipes when your hands are messy from the joys of baking.
Overall I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who loves to bake cookies and is always on the lookout for new recipes to try.


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