Happy New Year from Seize the Cupcake!

1 Jan

Since the New Year is one of those times when people make resolutions, us folks at Seize the Cupcake have decided some resolutions are in order for this silly little blog.

1. We will not forget about this blog for weeks (and weeks!) at a time.

2. We will make more time to bake.
(Oh, how easy it is to get caught up in life. In school and work, coffee with friends, running errands, and making plans for the future. But despite this, it is so important to make time for what you love. Especially something that relaxes us as much as baking does, and brings so much yumminess to those around us, as well as ourselves.)

So, to incorporate both of these resolutions together… the uber-resolution.

Every month for the rest of this year Becca and I will highlight a special cupcake. This cupcake recipe will focus on a theme of the month and the cupcakes will be decorated appropriately. Vague as it sounds, there are lots of ideas in the air and we’re quite excited about this new project.

And as a last little tidbit: January’s theme will be WINTER.


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