NYC Cupcakes, prepare to be eaten…

27 Aug

… in November.

Becca and I (and our friend, Tara) are off to the Big Apple in November, and while scouring the web for off-the-beaten track things to do and new recipes, I found out what one of the highlights of our trip will be: Taking one of Butter Lane’s cupcake classes!

Not only will we get to experience how they make their cupcakes and perhaps learn a thing or two, but we will also get to make cupcakes in New York!!! (I was worrying about feeling baking withdrawal. I can see Becca and I breaking into unsuspecting homes and using their oven while they are out… Them coming home to delicious smelling goodness and flour all over their kitchen…)

How I found out about the class. It was a link clicking experience. I was first reading A Cupcake Activist‘s post about another post she had read with cupcake tips on them… and guess where said person got their cupcake tips? That’s right, Butter Lane Classes.

So, in addition to trying the bakeries of New York (Magnolia Bakery, Sprinkles, Milk + Cookies, Once Upon A Tart… any others we should know about?), we get to bake too! I’m terribly excited.


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