What does the future hold? We went to find out.

10 Aug

So, Becca and I went to see a palm reader. You know, just to confirm our futures as bakers and cupcake enthusiasts. What we got instead was mostly a laugh.

From our palms she didn’t see a big future in baking, or at least, she didn’t mention one and we certainly didn’t let on about it. She did see that I would be taking a loan out and resenting it (yes, indeed! I would  imagine so, what with starting up a business being as expensive as it is!). She told me to take free money when offered and not worry too much about paying it back. Interesting, for sure, but I doubt it`s any advice I would follow… free money is almost never is free. Unless she’s talking about us winning the lottery, that I will take, no questions asked.

Becca, on the other hand, found that she wasn’t crafty at all and shouldn’t go in to business (This, about someone who is an avid knitter? If that’s not crafty I don’t know what is!).

To add to her list of wrongs, our palm reader predicted Becca would marry a boy and have three charming children (HA!), as well as told me I was extremely competitive (unless she was talking about  when I play scrabble…).

Sufficient to say, she wasn’t quite on the ball. Nonetheless a fun(ny!) experience anyway.


One Response to “What does the future hold? We went to find out.”

  1. sonia214 August 10, 2010 at 11:21 pm #

    I got a laugh out of reading this! Especially the Becca marrying a boy part and having three children.
    Gotta love those palm readers, comedians more than anything else, I say.

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