Telling people you want to start a bakery…

20 Jun

is kinda awkward. People tend to look at you as if you’re a little nuts.

But Becca and I ran into our old highschool law teacher and received the whole “What are you girls doing now?” speech. Shifty-eyed we looked at each other. Becca said the words “We want to start our own bakery”. We paused and cringed, ready and waiting for the blank stare or the dreaded raised eyebrow.

Instead, we received something much more welcoming; bubbling chatter about how people are willing to pay more for homemade baked goods these days. This talk was accompanied by the famous last words “What a great idea! Good luck to you two!”

That’s one more point for the bakery and one less to the naysayers, even if we used to think this teacher was slightly off her rocker. At the moment, she’s a clairvoyant genius to me.


2 Responses to “Telling people you want to start a bakery…”

  1. Sonia August 3, 2010 at 3:13 pm #

    Don’t listen to any naysayers! I have personally tried many of your cupcakes and they are delicious!! I have no doubt that you two will one day have your much deserved, succesful bakery 🙂

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