Ahhh, the convenience of wedding cupcakes

12 Jun

One of my not-so-secret guilty pleasures is reading Offbeat Bride, despite neither being close to getting married or being sure I even want a wedding. I think I just love pretty pictures and quirky things and that place is full of them!

But I have noticed while browsing that CUPCAKES were often featured! In a post by Offbeat Megan (great minds think alike apparently!) she described the  wonders of cupcakes for weddings- easier, cheaper, no cake cutting- some of the very things Becca and had talked about in regards to cupcakes on our blog some time ago.

But she also brought up some other interesting points. Not only with the cupcakes themselves, their flavour and decorations, show off the personality of the cupcakes, but the way you display them will too!

Cupcake stands are glorious things and you can find (or make!) an incredibly unique one with just a little searching.

Another idea I saw on Offbeat Bride was making your own cupcake wrappers! If you can’t find the kind you want online or in stores or want something more personal, it’s an easy and cost-effective way to make cupcakes a little more personal. And this isn’t just for wedding, you could use this idea for a birthday party or any other occasion. Heck, I’m going to try it just so my cupcakes are a little more fancy than usual.

Photo from Offbeat Bride!


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