With butterscotch chips in hand…

14 May

I’ve been house sitting at Becca’s for the week and her kitchen was begging (begging!) me to bake in it. And I can’t refuse that kitchen; it’s been so good to me.

So, I made chocolate chip cookies. Martha Stewart’s recipe is the best. The cookies come out perfect every time! Flat and chewy and delicious.

I also made Congo Bars. I’d never heard of them until browsing Bakerella. I have been dying to try something from her website and these looked so yummy, not to mention easy. They turned out amazing; I don’t think there will be any left when Becca comes back! I’ll definitely have to experiment with more recipes on her site (the cake pops look fantastic!).

I really loved how customizable the Congo Bars are. That’s something I can really appreciate. Everyone has different tastes and sometimes you just feel like something different. I used butterscotch chips, plus some semi-sweet chocolate chips. I also skipped the pecans. Next time I might try something with caramel or peanut butter. I imagine that would be perfect.

Check out the recipe here and make your own!


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