Throwing a Dinner Party

2 Mar

So, not specifically cupcake related, but still. We decided we wanted to throw a dinner party. We perused endless cookbooks. Went all the way to the Vancouver Library to stare at their glorious shelves of books on throwing parties, and we planned everything out, except for what we were going to make. We thought about baking some bread, making soup, and having a nice salad… But we couldn’t get past the desserts. We could think of about a million desserts to we wanted to make, but couldn’t decide on firmly on anything else. We came to the conclusion… it was going to be a dessert dinner party.

We had just finished reading Molly Wizenberg’s amazing book A Homemade Life, so we had picked out a tonne of recipes from there that we wanted to try at some point. We had picked out three for sure, plus a recipe for homemade ice cream. Unfortunately, we had to substitute one blueberry cake for another because of a misreading of the original instructions. Still, our dessert dinner party was a delicious success.

First from Molly’s book was her Winning Hearts and Minds Cake. With only five ingredients, it is easy and quick to make. It was delicious, though very rich. Each of us had only a small slice, and it was more than enough. We topped outs with some homemade chocolate frosting as well, as we had some issues with gas bubbles forming in our batter. We now know that we ought to smack our cake pans down on the counter a couple times to force the air bubbles out of the batter, at least for the most part.

Next was Coconut Macaroons with Chocolate Ganache, again from Molly’s book. It was easy to make, and really tasty. We did find that the chocolate ganache was really thick, so you may want to thin it a bit.

Blueberry cake was next on our list of things to make. We had originally wanted to make Molly’s Blueberry and Raspberry Pound Cake, but we sadly lacked a bundt pan. So blueberry cake it was. It turned out fabulous, however. On this cake we added frosting as well.


Next, we decided to make our own ice cream. Seeing as we didn`t have an ice cream maker, this became a pretty involved process. It turned out well, though it had the consistency of ice milk rather than ice cream. I think replacing the milk in the recipe with cream, and using a beater rather than a fork would make it better. It may also have had to do with the temperature of Becca’s freezer, as she is pretty sure it’s set too cold. If you want to try making ice cream without a ice cream machine, the instructions are here.


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