Reasons why cupcakes are better than cakes for your wedding.

24 Feb

1. Cost: Traditional wedding cakes can cost upwards of $500, and in addition, many bakers will charge for the transportation of the cake, and the assembly of it at your reception. This can easily cost more than $100. Cupcakes to feed a similar amount of people can cost less than half what a cake does.

2. Transportation: Bakers of normal wedding cakes will either assemble it at their bakery and try to transport it to your wedding all together, or will assemble it at the location of your reception. The latter, as already mentioned, will cost quite a bit, but the former may lead to your cake being damaged. Parts may fall apart, be squished, the icing may not look pristine… so many things can go wrong. Cupcakes, conversely, are far easier to transport. They are placed into boxes without a lot of room to move, so they cannot get damaged. In addition, anyone with a car can transport the cupcakes to your reception, and a friend would likely not charge you $100 or more to bring them for you.

3. Flavours: Most wedding cake can only be made in one flavour. Some, you can have a different flavour for each tier, but those, clearly, cost even more than normal wedding cakes. With cupcakes, the flavour variety can be much more substantial. You can ask a sample of your guests what their favourite flavours are, and get a mix, so there is something for everyone who comes to the reception.


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