Decorating Tips That Anyone Can Do

9 Feb

So your cupcakes aren’t going to look like something from Cake Boss, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty. We both prefer the homemade look to our cupcakes. No, they don’t look perfect, but that’s okay. They look like they were made with love and care, detail and attention. They look like someone took the time to make them for you, or that you put effort into making them specially for someone else. And that is what is amazing about cupcakes.

So here are some simple ways to make your cupcakes beautiful:

    The frosting is the easiest way to make your cupcakes looks special. The addition of food dye makes icing look fancy, and they can be customised for any occasion. Have fun, and mix colours, or separate your icing and dye each bowl a different colour. Go wild!
    Sprinkles make everything fun, and there are so many ways to decorate with them. You can dump a bunch on to a plate and roll the edges of the cupcake into the sprinkles to give it a special, almost classy look, or you can dip the icing into the sprinkles to give a more even coating than you would by just dropping them on top.
    Candy is so versatile and easy. You can use them to spell out letters, if you are new or out of practice with piping.
    Smarties and M&Ms work really well, but just about anything you can think of could work. Pretzels, marshmallows, Kisses, anything. We’ve even used Tic Tacs! It’s worth it to experiment, and test everything to get different looks.
    In addition to adding food dye to icing, you can add it to just about thing you want. Coconut and sugar can both be dyed, and so can the cupcake batter itself.  If you’re making a cupcake (or a cake) of an animal, making the inside red is always fun. Also, like the icing, you can separate the batter into different bowls, and dye each bowl a different colour. You can then put the batter into the cupcake liners in layers, creating a multicoloured cupcake.

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