10 Cupcake Do’s and Don’ts.

9 Feb

Do’s and Don’ts of Cupcakes

  1. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the recipe, especially as you get more comfortable. Add ingredients. Take them out. Substitute them for something similar, or something completely different. It’s all okay.
  2. Don’t be afraid to completely fail at a recipe. Mishaps happen to everyone, even the most experienced bakers.
  3. Do make cupcakes for any occasion. Birthday? Valentine’s Day? Olympic Protest? Cupcakes are versatile.
  4. Do play music while you bake. Loudly! And sing and dance around. It’ll help you burn off the calories of all the cupcakes you’ll be eating. (The two of us have a baking playlist full of music you can dance to.) Don’t worry about your neighbours getting mad, it’s nothing a cupcake can’t fix.
  5. Don’t forget to take your butter and eggs out early. It just makes it easier to combine together, and you don’t have to wait or microwave things forty-five times.
  6. Do read the recipe through before you start. Not only for all the obvious things, like do I have all the ingredients and tools, do I have time to make this… but so that when you’re in your baking groove you don’t forget things.
  7. Which brings us to another, really important point.  Check and recheck your recipe if you aren’t sure about anything.
    We made the mistake of not doing this, and we completely ruined a batch of cupcakes…
    “We have to separate the yolks and whites. We add the whites in with the chocolate mixture.”
    “Oh, so we don’t need the yolks anymore?” (tosses)
    Half an hour later…
    “Oh, how come our cupcakes look like mush?
  8. When looking at cupcake recipes, don’t be afraid to try something you might not like. Even if something looks like it could be gross, try it anyway. Some of the weird recipes are the ones that taste the best, and if you don’t like it… so what?
  9. Frosting fixes all your problems. No matter how weird the cupcakes may come out of the oven looking, your frosting will cover it up.
  10. There is no such thing as using too much food colouring. Or sprinkles.

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